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fortnightly adj : occurring every two weeks [syn: biweekly] adv : every two weeks; "he visited his cousins fortnightly" [syn: biweekly]

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  1. a publication issued fortnightly; a bi-weekly



  1. occuring once in a fortnight



  1. once in a fortnight


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Bi-weekly, sometimes referred to as fortnightly, is a reference to an event that occurs once every two weeks. A two week interval is equivalent to one fortnight. An example of a biweekly event would be the production of some magazines or the payday of some companies.
fort·night·ly [fawrt-nahyt-lee]adjective, adverb, noun, plural. –adjective 1.occurring or appearing once a fortnight. –adverb 2.once a fortnight. –noun 3.a periodical issued every two weeks.
There are fifty-two weeks in a year of twelve months, making for a possible 26 biweekly events in a year. This is a greater number than if such events were held twice a month, due to the fact that most months have more than four weeks (28 days). However, biweekly is often thought of incorrectly as twice a month. Twice a month is called "semimonthly," not biweekly.
According to Webster's dictionary, Bi-weekly can also be a reference to an event that occurs twice per week. Given the ambiguity and unscientific nature of this denotation, some authorities recommend avoiding the term where precision is required.

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